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A real turkey? Or a goose?

“Well, the goose was extremely tasty. Not as much fat produced as I had been led to believe, but guess that is because it was free range? Anyhow, have boiled up the carcass 3 times for stock, and we have plenty of grease for roast veg for a little while.”

Clare, lifestyle twin and good goose customer.


2TurkeysOur free-range Norfolk Black and Bronze turkeys were sourced in the north of France, either as week-old poults or eggs which Andy neatly hatched in an incubator 28 days later.  (Watching them hatch involves putting your life on hold for oooh, an hour or so. Which we did.)  We were really keen to breed our own, proper-sized turkeys for Christmas following the disappointment of finding that here in France, it’s difficult to find birds much bigger than 4 kilos.  Not quite the Christmas feast we were used to and so last year, we grew our own to roughly 8 kilos, which looked much more the part.  They’re friendly, fragile creatures, not easy to raise but absolutely worth the trouble for the magnificent bird they grow into.

We’ll be taking orders nearer to Christmas – drop us an email if you’d like to put your name on our first come first served waiting list.

Or maybe in true Dickensian style, you’d prefer a goose?  Once again, totally free-range and absolutely delicious.

To place an order, please email us on or call 05 58 58 43 06 or 06 47 66 30 18.