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“If you move away from total dependence on industrially produced food, you’ll be happier and enjoy food more.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.


SoapAt Terrehouse, we really believe in raising quality food with real nutritional value and 100% traceability – you definitely won’t find any horse meat in our pigs.  It’s not easy; we live in a world where price and supply matter more than welfare and quality, where demand for cheap food far outweighs care for product.  There are ethical implications to our food choices, not least when it comes to animal welfare and you can’t ignore that. You can find pork priced at 4 euros per kilo in supermarkets but it’s important to bear in mind the intensive production methods that are used in order for that pig to be valued so cheaply.  It shouldn’t just be about price, it has to be about quality and value and, during tricky economic times, it could be about perhaps eating less pork but better quality pork.  We absolutely stand by the quality and provenance of the meat we produce simply because we value what we do more than anyone.