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Pigs. In Space.

Pigs. In space.Free-range, rare breed pigs are probably what we are best known for and by choosing to raise and eat rare breed pork, it’s good to know we’re playing a part in keeping rare breeds alive.  Our small herd of Berkshires, England’s oldest recorded breed, are kept outside at Terrehouse and live happy, natural, stress-free lives. As a result, they produce delicious pork with soft juicy fat and fantastic crackling which tastes ‘bloody magnificent’.  

They’re all pure-bred and the breed itself is currently listed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as ‘at risk’ – they don’t suit intensive, industrialised farming methods which is why they’ve fallen out of favour and why we love them so. We also raise Oxford Sandy & Blacks which make great bacon.

We sell our Berkshire pigs at pork weight and by the half-pig, roughly upwards of 20kg.  Our Plum Pudding pigs (Oxford Sandy and Blacks) are typically sold that bit heavier, around 30kg per half. You can joint your pig yourself, which tends to bring out the commando in most men, or alternatively, we’ll do this bit for you.

To place an order, please email us on or call 05 58 58 43 06 or 06 47 66 30 18.